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Re-enchant your world.

       Live a magickal life by consciously interacting with Fate!         

The entire universe is made up of subtle energies. We are constantly surrounded by a multitude of energetic patterns that interact with each other to make up what we perceive as reality. Using ancient systems of divination, like the runes, helps us see the energetic patterns that surround the situations in our everyday lives. When we see the energetic patterns that surround us, we can work with the flow of energy instead of trying to fight against it. This will increase the likelihood of success in any situation. Fox MacTavish, the Caledonian ThunderWizard will help you to recognize and navigate the energetic patterns that are currently at work in your life. 

Available Services

Rune Counseling


Do you have a question for the Runes?

In a Rune Counseling session, the Caledonian Thunderwizard will consult the Runes of the Elder Futharc in an attempt to answer your questions. The session will take place over the phone and will last 30 to 45 minutes.

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Rune Readings


Fortune Telling

Spiritual Counseling

Life Purpose Astrology

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An astrological birth chart is a picture of the skies at the moment you were born. This picture of the sky shows the way in which cosmic energetic patterns were interacting as you drew your first breath and became conscious of the physical world. This energetic picture can be used to determine patterns within the person's life, psychology, and constitution.




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Geomancy was the most popular method of divination in the renaissance period. During this period, scholars revived wisdom that had been lost in Europe by translating Greek, Latin, and Arabic texts.


When you purchase services, please allow 24 hours for a response. Response will come by e-mail and we will set up a time for the session. Sessions can take place over the phone or on Zoom.

Most services can be provided over the phone or Zoom session as well as in person. Please contact us for any personal inqueries

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